For those who wish to have any advertising spot on my page or collaborations with me (which include either banner, sending items, giveaway nor sponsor post), do not hesitate to contact me through my email


Sponsorship Items

The sponsor can send their items to me (you can either choose the items or I will choose by myself) and I will wear them. I'll post the review on my blog with the link and basic information to the link sponsor website. 


There are different sizes for every banner and different price for each of it. For any banner or advertising spots on my page, I will put them on the right side of my page. For more detail information, please email me :)

Sponsor/Giveaway post

You can ask me to promote/collaborate with your things/items (which including giveaway or anything) in my page. Just detail me about the information to my email.

Tell me if you have any other way/method of sponsoring me. 

Thank you and I'll reply your email as soon as possible.

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