Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Zone


TO THE FUTURE. Had marvelous and fun lunch in Tesate restaurant. When I think about it, its amazing to see the journey I have been through with all people I met. They truly gave me the meaning of life and create different chapter in my book of life. I always wondered why did He sometimes placed me in the lowest point of my life where I can't even deal wit, and thats when these people strengthen me. 

Im wearing jumpsuit from Mossino Dutti, its very comfy and I guess I need to lose my weight more hahaha, because the upper part is quite tight for me because I had a really wide shoulder. To let you know, I had the widest shoulder in the family. Well, thanks to my dad's genes, but I never get his long leg. My twin sister and 2 other sisters did though. so unfair rite! hahaha I envy people with small body! I really do.

Currently I'm in the office right now and apparently nothing to do. I guess, blogging is the way to cure my boredom. I'm sitting with the other two co-workers, not talking but keep typing and eating! haha I gotta get my lunch now, toodles, get back to you asap