Monday, August 25, 2014

Row Ma Week


BLAH BLAH BLAH! Having no internet is such a pain. I can't surf and even reply people's email. The cafe near my place has the slowest internet ever. Me and my sis had to go to senopati area to find good wifi as well as enjoying late night dessert which is fattening!! Haha, but i love it! Lately, me and my twin are packed with the preparation of our early birth oatmeal shop (IG: o_healthychoice) and other stuffs is on the way too. I hope it goes really well, I really do. I do believe that everything takes a while and let's cross my fingers that it worth the wait. 

I adore my watch, I really do! Its my birthday present hehe I always have this love at first sight for accessories and this one is an exception! I love it, not only cos its black but its looks tiny too so, my hand doesn't really look that big. my friend always tease me that I got an elephant hand! huh hahaha. Today, Monday. It's my last week of internship people!! *drumroll* How glad, how happy! I can't believe how time flies like wind! As much as I complain about how far the company is from my place, I'm gonna miss these people a lot! My lovely supervisor, the super funny & iseng bald guy who sit beside me and all! We are gonna have a farewell party this thursday and it's gonna be a good night!

Here are all my updates after long hiatus. How about you guys? How do you spend your day? I hope you had a marvelous yet productive one xox

Lastly, to conclude this post. My 9 frame of shameless selfies which succesfully made my twin annoyed haha! I love you, Ola and just so you know that I took your picture better than you ok ;p hihi still love you!