Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This and That is Love


AM I IN LOVE? I don't know at the moment, but what I knew I was in love when I looked at him and smile. I could barely talk, but all I could think of is a topic ; a topic to start with. Before that moment, I was not sure how I felt about him, but then I knew; I was in love. 

It was always been an argument between ur head and your heart whether who should make a turn first. In the end of the day, the ecstasy is the same ; falling slowly and addicted to you.  

The songs always make sense ; when you listen, the mystery and doubt is gone, and you just knew it. Just like an inner glowing warmth that flows through body of complete enlightenment. 

There is no question. It was weird but when I think back again, I couldn't help but smile in recalling back those memories. 

what about you? love is a beautiful thing that ever happen to someone's life. I hope you guys out there have met someone you love dearly. toodles!