Friday, April 11, 2014

Over The Rainbow


My 1st ootd picture with make up on lol. I had this random thought of photo shoot in the early morning before my afternoon class haha. Actually, I had planned to go out and support my friend, but it was cancelled. I did wish her luck and the best thing is that she got what she wants ;D On the contrary, I got zero news haha please wish me luck and others who had not gotten the call yet. Lets not expect em, as hope come when you least expect them. 

I hope it has not been a long hiatus yet for my post. Despite my packed schedule thats like sardines, I'm happy that I get 2 weeks holiday. Lots of my friends were going back home, even to Indonesia. But, I decide not to due to the fact that 3 more months I'll be leaving this city for good. Thus, I gotta make the best out of it, isn't it?  though, I miss my parents :) Hang in there, nyi! heh 

Sad, but excited at the same time. Wee

I always remind myself that past is a past. I don't want to be stuck as the same old person I used to be. I want learn as much as I can to be the person I want to be. Though all of us cannot judge things by the way they look, I'm glad to have you as my shared huge written wall that could listen and flittered of every worries I had in doubt. I guess I had to snoze off in a minute haha. Its 2 am right here and I'm having breakfast with my friends tomorrow. Will get back to you, soon