Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A VENTURE. As I told in my previous post, my twin and I are focusing on our little business venture back in hometown. It was initially her idea and since I'm still searching and hoping to find my dream job, I'm willing to help and support her (yeah, sister power haha!) Never crossed in my mind or even in million years that we would run our own online business. Our strategy of using Instagram as our platform is very effective, thanks to this new form of media which I believe has help in sparking the conversation and feed people with the information. 

My twin and I couldn't be more thrilled to hear the positive feedbacks. We constantly improving from day one and I still remember on how I struggle and being scold on my own recipes. It worth the pain and as times goes by, people starting to understand our business concept and questioning what are the reason behind it. So here i am deciding to share the history behind this early birth online business. 


In the young age, both my twin and I were struggled of being overweight. Snacking on junk food and fried food has always been our favorite food to munch. We hate veggies and even fruits! I remember mommy always ask us to drink our carrot juice everyday and getting to finish a full glass can sometimes feel dauntingly long. Despite of this issue, we are still surrounded by great friends, happy and healthy (in here i'm referring to no major sickness happen)

This was back in 2008. Left is Ola, right is yours truly. 
In the middle of our university break, My twin suddenly went to this oat-based strict diet for around 3 to 4 months. I remember the time when she just sealed her mouth and get away from all this junk foodies, packed her fruit and dried oats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Her determination somewhat surprised me, especially when I offered her my Indomee and she totally ditched that hahaha. She also started to make different kind of oats from parfait, oats topped with dried fruits and looks good with all the bright colors.

ze healthy yet yum foodies!
Her creative mind and determination is really paid off. She looks totally different after semester break and I'm looking more like to a potato. However, I still do not bother to look any good and even losing my weight! See how the oat do the magic! Lol. 

The pic above was in Bali :) Notice the differences between my twin and I? Then, come to the most favorite part of every girl ; which is shopping. I used to not have any interest in shopping, because I used to spend it rather on food, food and foodies (even my friend tease me as "garbage can" (not a bad way, but its referring as I always love to eat the leftover and I can never see the food left hanging lol!) You probably would be shock that I ever finish a bucket of white rice, alone. Moving on, seeing back at my twin, looking so pretty with all the current fashion trends tempts me to buy too. Well, it doesn't fit really nice on me. Starting from that point on, I wanted to lose my weight. 

The beginning of losing my weight didn't went really well. I wanted to lose weight in a fast way, but I gotten more and more weak. Then, my twin started to share her recipes and in about a month, I started to made my own too. In about 2 months, I lost 20 pounds. After this little success of mine, I felt like I've gained my confidence, lighter and of course healthier. My twin also suggested me to gym and we've been hitting the gym ever since. We are still far from what healthy and fit body defines, but we are working to reach that stage yet. We wanted to do more of this and it would be great if other people can treasure the same goal and experience too! Yay to healthy lifestyleThat's why my twin suggest to create this new venture and hopefully people liked the idea. Recently, my diet is based on O' Healthy Choice overnight oat menu. We consumed it daily and it works! I lost quite some pounds in just a week! But make sure, say no to snack munchin' kay! :) Diet needs some determination, too people xx

O' based on our name which is Ola and Olen. It's totally simple and represent us both. In this post, we would like to encourage you to not just focus on being skinny, but to be healthy. We currently working on the new product and can't wait to launch all em' soon. For more info that you need to know, follow our Instagram or facebook page O' Healthy Choice

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Zone


TO THE FUTURE. Had marvelous and fun lunch in Tesate restaurant. When I think about it, its amazing to see the journey I have been through with all people I met. They truly gave me the meaning of life and create different chapter in my book of life. I always wondered why did He sometimes placed me in the lowest point of my life where I can't even deal wit, and thats when these people strengthen me. 

Im wearing jumpsuit from Mossino Dutti, its very comfy and I guess I need to lose my weight more hahaha, because the upper part is quite tight for me because I had a really wide shoulder. To let you know, I had the widest shoulder in the family. Well, thanks to my dad's genes, but I never get his long leg. My twin sister and 2 other sisters did though. so unfair rite! hahaha I envy people with small body! I really do.

Currently I'm in the office right now and apparently nothing to do. I guess, blogging is the way to cure my boredom. I'm sitting with the other two co-workers, not talking but keep typing and eating! haha I gotta get my lunch now, toodles, get back to you asap

Monday, August 25, 2014

Row Ma Week


BLAH BLAH BLAH! Having no internet is such a pain. I can't surf and even reply people's email. The cafe near my place has the slowest internet ever. Me and my sis had to go to senopati area to find good wifi as well as enjoying late night dessert which is fattening!! Haha, but i love it! Lately, me and my twin are packed with the preparation of our early birth oatmeal shop (IG: o_healthychoice) and other stuffs is on the way too. I hope it goes really well, I really do. I do believe that everything takes a while and let's cross my fingers that it worth the wait. 

I adore my watch, I really do! Its my birthday present hehe I always have this love at first sight for accessories and this one is an exception! I love it, not only cos its black but its looks tiny too so, my hand doesn't really look that big. my friend always tease me that I got an elephant hand! huh hahaha. Today, Monday. It's my last week of internship people!! *drumroll* How glad, how happy! I can't believe how time flies like wind! As much as I complain about how far the company is from my place, I'm gonna miss these people a lot! My lovely supervisor, the super funny & iseng bald guy who sit beside me and all! We are gonna have a farewell party this thursday and it's gonna be a good night!

Here are all my updates after long hiatus. How about you guys? How do you spend your day? I hope you had a marvelous yet productive one xox

Lastly, to conclude this post. My 9 frame of shameless selfies which succesfully made my twin annoyed haha! I love you, Ola and just so you know that I took your picture better than you ok ;p hihi still love you!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Embrace The Moment

GRATITUDE. Birthday party celebration, breathtaking view, huge waves splash, banana boat, endless pictures, fun crazy games, great companies, super cheap beer and non-stop laughter sums up the stressful happy ending as a freshman! I miss all of them already. "It's not the place that make it worthwhile, but the people you spend the time with" quoted by my bestie, Kye! It was such a blast knowing all of these awesome people. Thankiu for the happy birthday midnight song, thankiu for the surprise during dinner. I'm surprised yet so blessed and eternally grateful. Give my 10 fingers applause to Jared and Vishnu whom arranging this trip to be super fun lolol. I'm finally 22 #imoldalreadyomgicantbelieveit, people say life begins at 22, what it might bring? it's a good one, i believe! teehee 

 Bunch of lovelies (not everyone in this pic lolol)

and, this trip wouldn't be complete without my girls by my side. I adore them so :)

It is not the end, its the start of something new. One door closed, another one open wider. Today is my first day of internship and everything is looking really good. Great colleagues and I just need to perform really well. Let's make the 2 months worth it. Bye!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This and That is Love


AM I IN LOVE? I don't know at the moment, but what I knew I was in love when I looked at him and smile. I could barely talk, but all I could think of is a topic ; a topic to start with. Before that moment, I was not sure how I felt about him, but then I knew; I was in love. 

It was always been an argument between ur head and your heart whether who should make a turn first. In the end of the day, the ecstasy is the same ; falling slowly and addicted to you.  

The songs always make sense ; when you listen, the mystery and doubt is gone, and you just knew it. Just like an inner glowing warmth that flows through body of complete enlightenment. 

There is no question. It was weird but when I think back again, I couldn't help but smile in recalling back those memories. 

what about you? love is a beautiful thing that ever happen to someone's life. I hope you guys out there have met someone you love dearly. toodles! 

Saturday, April 19, 2014



BACK IN BLACK. I can't never go far away from this colour, ever! One of my favorite beside reddish and white due to the fact it looks simply effortless chic and not to mention fierce looking at the same time. 

When I was browsing through Zalora's website, I couldn't help but to double click on every black items that my eyes couldn't resist. Lately, I just can't stand with cropped top and I've been visiting every fashion store in sunway pyramid to find which fits me better and I guess I found one. Like the picture above, it seems perfect for me to wear especially for hanging out with my friends or even going to college. 

However, the fact that I'm going to end my day as a freshman graduate. I guess I should've also take a look to the more edgy yet older look for me to fit in working field. Well then, I have made my choices of favorites look from Zalora, so its your chance to grab more! another fun fact, you could also get the affordable voucher before its too late! Grab your chance, people! See you on next post xx :)


Friday, April 11, 2014

Over The Rainbow


My 1st ootd picture with make up on lol. I had this random thought of photo shoot in the early morning before my afternoon class haha. Actually, I had planned to go out and support my friend, but it was cancelled. I did wish her luck and the best thing is that she got what she wants ;D On the contrary, I got zero news haha please wish me luck and others who had not gotten the call yet. Lets not expect em, as hope come when you least expect them. 

I hope it has not been a long hiatus yet for my post. Despite my packed schedule thats like sardines, I'm happy that I get 2 weeks holiday. Lots of my friends were going back home, even to Indonesia. But, I decide not to due to the fact that 3 more months I'll be leaving this city for good. Thus, I gotta make the best out of it, isn't it?  though, I miss my parents :) Hang in there, nyi! heh 

Sad, but excited at the same time. Wee

I always remind myself that past is a past. I don't want to be stuck as the same old person I used to be. I want learn as much as I can to be the person I want to be. Though all of us cannot judge things by the way they look, I'm glad to have you as my shared huge written wall that could listen and flittered of every worries I had in doubt. I guess I had to snoze off in a minute haha. Its 2 am right here and I'm having breakfast with my friends tomorrow. Will get back to you, soon


Friday, March 14, 2014

Stuck in Daydream


I feel I don't deserve you at all. But, how if this all fate?

I was stuck, I'm in dilemma. Its unbelievable the reason we met and all the moments we've been together all this while, I already feel attached. I hate being attached, but at the same time I'm happy to see your face every-time. 

Those late conversation, silly chats, non-sense babbling. You suit my humor taste, you understand me. Tell me, what am I gonna do? However, it ain't the same no more. 

This was in Skypark and I love the view there. Haha, these past few days I was in love sick and very determined to get rid of this feeling. Hopefully, my decision is right and I don't want to regret it at all. Btw, its already been 3 months I'm working part time and decided to continue my last sem till the end. I know its hard yet tiring, and I've been complaining on how tired I am these days to some of my friends. But hey, I don't wanna regret my life having the feeling of laying down my body as couch potato in my last year here. I want to live it to the fullest! Hehe toodles. (reply to all of you soon!mwax)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Brand New Year


I'm back now and its better late than never, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 to all of my dearest readers! such an amazing year it has been and can't wait to see what this year may brings. Me and my friends were exchanging gifts on xmas eve and spend our new year eve counting down at the club downtown. It was really fun and exhausting at the same time haha I had a really good time!

On Christmas eve, i'm wearing a jumpsuit my sister gave to me and its my first time wearing them. I thought, why didn't I give it a try? It's so comfy and it's black! however, the creepers were killing me. Regardless of that, great catch up with all of my friends :)

Throughout the remarkable year, I have learnt so much and hopefully it will continue to where I always able to grow more and more. I used to believe in year resolution, but nowadays I'm more into go with the flow instinct. As year goes by, I realized that I cared more to the ones who are real and value in life. I made mistakes but I promised I won't make the same mistake twice. Wishing the best for my last sem as a freshman year and part time job as well. Amen

Last year had been filled with colors and lets hope that 2014 will be a better year for all of us. No more shed or short gloomy colors, but cheers to the bright crayons and laughters! I'm ready to write a brand new chapter with every crayons in my box! xo how did you spend your new year eve? :)