Wednesday, December 4, 2013



 SACHLIRENE INDONESIA is one of the class shoes brand that 

offer the worldwide shipping and well known for its wondersole. 

Since young age, I always have trouble in choosing the right footwear for myself. My ultimate wish is to always have a pretty one to keep in my closet, but yet still comfortable to wear.  Its like a dream come true, isn't it? however in my case, its always end up in either one circumstances whether its very painful to wear, but it looks really pretty or the other way around. But afraid no more, I finally met the right match. 

Sachlirene Indonesia is well known by their hidden surprising message in their soles (wondersoles). They say, you wouldn't know what is actually written there unless they are right in front of your eyes and definitely not deceiving. It's just like christmas day, isn't it? It is like to be in a place full of boxes of christmas present that would make you surprise and smile wide once you open them. 

Friend of mine say that I'm a perfectionist by nature. I'm not sure, but maybe? I don't know why, but I always have the feeling of dissatisfaction whenever something doesn't really go match together. What I personally adore about this brand is not only the fact that it is a local brand but their website also have an unique feature  "Choose My colors", which allows you to choose your own favorite color. Therefore with this, I would not need to worry about dissatisfaction of my purchase. 

Worry about the size of online stuff? Afraid not! Sachlirene Indonesia have the guidelines of your shoe size from head to toe. Just follow their friendly steps and you will get the shoes you're satisfied with :) So, don't let any other minute pass by and get yourself one! please do visit their official online web to keep yourselves updated with their latest collection :)

IG: @sachlirene_id