Thursday, November 28, 2013

Little Escape

Its been a while since I had my last trip. Last weekend was totally a blast! I went to some places with my friends and it was quite far from my place. Therefore, we rent a car and I was totally passed out in the car (slept like nobody business with one of my friend) haha. I had an insomnia the night before and needed to wake up early for this trip. Anyone know how to cure this insomnia? It's killing me!

After had our tummy filled with delicious nasi lemak, we directly headed to our first destination, which is French Village! It was my second time visiting this and it never fails me. I love the scenery so much. Well, let the picture do the talking shall we? :)

yours truly - Ola (my twin) - Wendy - Weini and Jesselyn

As you can tell, we were trying so hard to take jump shots! haha shots after shots still resulted in failure. We couldn't hold our laughter, because it was crowded and we were blocking people's way haha

epic picture of the day (lol)
The swan/goose (I'm not really sure which one is it, but it is surely pretty looking). At first, I was really scared to give them food, as they looked like that they would bite me (look at my twin and friend face up there - haha so funny yet epic), but eventually I gave in. I never knew, they are such a cute creature!

After that, we headed to Japanese Village and walked uphill. Superb tired and I was sweating. Thank that the weather was friendly. In Japanese village, we get to tried Japanese traditional clothing 

Then, we headed to Batu Cave. This place is famous for its yellow statue (you can see from picture below) and its 1000 steps of stairs, which believed that any of your wishes would come true. There got lot of monkeys too. you cannot take any belonging (like drinks/food for example, because the monkey can steal em') well, to be safe, lets be just empty handed to go up haha. we decided to just took a picture since we were all so tired haha

After we had Indonesian Satay and some desserts, we headed to Putrajaya and I-city! 

These pictures is to sum up our one long-day journey! it's unbelievable tat we actually visited all of this places in a day! Thanks to Wendy, the driver! haha tired, but it's all worth it. Lately, I'm not able to post some ootd, because I'm working part time now, but please look forward to it!! Till then, t-o-o-d-l-e-s :)