Thursday, November 28, 2013

Little Escape

Its been a while since I had my last trip. Last weekend was totally a blast! I went to some places with my friends and it was quite far from my place. Therefore, we rent a car and I was totally passed out in the car (slept like nobody business with one of my friend) haha. I had an insomnia the night before and needed to wake up early for this trip. Anyone know how to cure this insomnia? It's killing me!

After had our tummy filled with delicious nasi lemak, we directly headed to our first destination, which is French Village! It was my second time visiting this and it never fails me. I love the scenery so much. Well, let the picture do the talking shall we? :)

yours truly - Ola (my twin) - Wendy - Weini and Jesselyn

As you can tell, we were trying so hard to take jump shots! haha shots after shots still resulted in failure. We couldn't hold our laughter, because it was crowded and we were blocking people's way haha

epic picture of the day (lol)
The swan/goose (I'm not really sure which one is it, but it is surely pretty looking). At first, I was really scared to give them food, as they looked like that they would bite me (look at my twin and friend face up there - haha so funny yet epic), but eventually I gave in. I never knew, they are such a cute creature!

After that, we headed to Japanese Village and walked uphill. Superb tired and I was sweating. Thank that the weather was friendly. In Japanese village, we get to tried Japanese traditional clothing 

Then, we headed to Batu Cave. This place is famous for its yellow statue (you can see from picture below) and its 1000 steps of stairs, which believed that any of your wishes would come true. There got lot of monkeys too. you cannot take any belonging (like drinks/food for example, because the monkey can steal em') well, to be safe, lets be just empty handed to go up haha. we decided to just took a picture since we were all so tired haha

After we had Indonesian Satay and some desserts, we headed to Putrajaya and I-city! 

These pictures is to sum up our one long-day journey! it's unbelievable tat we actually visited all of this places in a day! Thanks to Wendy, the driver! haha tired, but it's all worth it. Lately, I'm not able to post some ootd, because I'm working part time now, but please look forward to it!! Till then, t-o-o-d-l-e-s :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Creepers Day


I was wearing black top from forever 21 that I got for only $3! It was a crazy sale and definitely worth to buy! If you read my old post, you would have known that I love black so much. I can go all the way black go outside, because its not only just my favorite color, but it also make me look slimmer lolll!

Last week was totally a great one! My bestest buddy came from Singapore and stayed in my house for few days. It's been almost 2 years since our face met each other and I have to say she didn't change a bit lolll (i mean still crazy as usual). I gain a lot of weight, since I ate a lot and my friend didn't let me to diet, so yup! Body, forgive me for what I've sinned hahaha

Me and my twin just love creepers and we bought this for only $10 each! worth to buy isn't it? It is very comfy to walk and very pretty too! To be honest, I love wearing creepers/shoes rather than heels. not only i'm more into boyish kinda girl, but because I'm not that good with heels too haha. 

I got my necklace from my twin as my birthday gift. Hee and I love it. She knows that I have thing for accessories - so happy! I bought my skull mustard clutch for a reasonable price too. It is only cost $10. Lastly, the last two pictures are the closer look of our creepers. Who's here don't love creepers? :)

I had a great time last week, thanks to this great people! still missing few, because some of them are in another country pursuing their study and career. been knowing them for 5 decades now and i'm glad we are still standing as one. I think half of my great memories are mostly filled up with them haha let that been said, cheers to more years together :) x

Friday, November 15, 2013

Genie, I Have a Wish!

Hello, my dear readers! 
I have a great news to all of you, fashion enthusiasts! 

Have you guys ever heard of Persunmall? well, let me tell you now! It is a fashion website that offering the women's apparels with the trend of 2013 feel - think about color blocking, maxi dress, pull over and of course the never ending trend floral and skull!

And for those who are searching for the perfect prom dress and shoes, afraid not! Persunmall is the one to go because they've got every dresses that embellished with trends detail and look no further - you can also pair 'em with their glamorous collection of accessories and shoes! And the best things is that they shop worldwide too!

I love their collection so much and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do. Below are ten wish-lists of the pieces that I personally adore.

You can click your favorite specific images below to order :)





So many different of distinctive touch, isn't it? Well, these are only my wish-lists! Now, its your turn to choose yours! So, what are you guys waiting for? Head over to their web Persunmall in order to keep their latest update and also be amazed with their collections!
original website of Persunmall

Visit over to for more style inspiration that 
will saved your fashion crisis and satisfy your fashion cravings.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

OOTD: Last Day

It's definitely a fun day yesterday. It was the last day of the semester V of my freshman year. Hence, the fun classmates came up with the idea of class photo session with the lecturer as memories. What a great idea, isn't it? I was excited! The night before, I was confused of what to wear

After the class photo session is over, I decided to go to the international office to manage my visa. But, there was a long queue and i'm pretty sure that I have to wait for so long. Hence, I decided to take pic outside, since the excitement of me and also my twin (lol) are still there and also to kill some boredom waiting.

my 'narcissistic' twin 

Do we look alike? For the first time, people will say that we really look like, but after they know us quite a while, they will notice that we are different. Haha, but I love her to bits and envy her long body! Btw, you can easily differentiate us with the hair :) my twin have this shorter hair, while mine is longer. 

To sum up this up, all I can say that what a semester I've been through! All of the things I did, I truly believe it would benefit me in the future! Lets cheer for the long holiday and wish me luck for my last semester next year :) x

The awesome classmates 

Vishnu's pose! Haha I love this pic 

I appreciate all the comments from my previous post and I promise to return the visit to all of you soon
Till then, xo! adios for the next post
Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

91? Nope, I'm 92.

Bonjour readers! 
I can't believe that i'm actually neglecting my blog for about 1 year now haha
Things has changed a lot for this single year, but definitely a better one :) One of the thing is that, I finally get to dyed my hair! It is my first time, so I don't want it to be bright. So, i decided to choose not-so bright color and I love the outcome. But, who knows for the next time i would dye color pink or even purple? :D well, let the time tell :)

outfit detail: top from asian avenue - short pants from h'n m - BOY cap from AA's (super cheap!)

I think I have been influenced by hallyu wave (if you not familiar wit it, it is a kpop generation kinda thing). Lately, i'm following every drama, shows and even outfits from korea. No doubt, they are very entertaining and I enjoyed them very much. lol, btw i'm watching this drama now called the heirs. Very nice and i totally recommended it to you guys. no regret, guarantee you!

I finally free from my semester five and i'm finding job to do in order to make myself busy for 3 months holiday. Wismilak people! heh, I can't believe I can actually survive from the never ending assignment and presentation. Phew, why did I choose this course at the first place? =.= lol BUT! one semester left and I'm done baby! 

For my last pic of this post is the pretty cupcake! don't you think it looks pretty? hee, thank to my best friend who deliver it to my apartment yesterday. :)

In another note, I have also changed my domain name from to 'n also please follow my new bloglovin. I accidentally remove my blog and end up import the new one :( Thank you!

till then, xo! adios for my next post!
stay tuned :)