Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Passion.


Hi readers, so this is what I did during my one month holiday. Quite new experience for me. I have to say I quite enjoyed it, although some quarrel of discussion occur, but we managed to overcome it. It is our first time to done such thing and very pleasant to hear that they like it. 

Sooo, my twin and I were asked to do some design for some friend's baby shower. Initially, I don't even know what thats mean. Since my sister keep suggested to do this rather than being a couch potato during our break. So yeah, we couldn't help but accepted to do the design. Let the picture do the talking

Yes, it is their special baby shower!
Congratulation to her pregnancy and her baby is baby boy :)
^pardon for the not-so-good quality picture.. :)


We were finally able to relieved that this baby shower project is finish because there is nothing to worry and quarrel about lol. however, 2 weeks aft that, my sister came out with a plan of making up a surprise party for her best friend. we were like 'oh thats good sist, what are the plan' and she was like 'i want u guys to do the design, some kind like pastel colors and she likes dog' and we were like 'whaatt? you want us to do the design?' and she went 'hehehe, yes!'

haha the crown is so 'agogo'

We enjoyed doing this as much as they do. Actually, we started it just for fun, but now i hope this could turn out to be a hobby. hehe till then, toodles readers~