Friday, April 6, 2012

I miss home

Hello April!

I just have to do this, because am so pump and excited knowing the fact that i'm going back to Jakarta next week for 2 weeks holiday. Ticket booked and one word that keep running in my mind is home, home, home. Super caring but keep nagging mom & ignorance dad ever but i love, and super annoying duo sisters & cool brother in law, I will see you all pretty pretty soon! Besties, I'm ready to tease you like I usually do. Unfortunately, I have to shoot a video for my project in my hometown where i supposedly enjoying my off day. Sucks isn't it? but I shall not complain because everything went pretty well! I just can hope for the best and giving my best :)

hmm, how I describe home. probably..

home is where my heart belongs to.
home is where people i know accept me for whoever I am.
home is where I feel comfortable, safe, and to mention warm.
home is where I can laugh super annoyingly loud and they are laughing together with me.
home is where I am happy to be in.
home is where I could be grateful every time.
but the most important is, home is the one that made me who I am today.

I am super thankful for the opportunity that God produce me by giving such an amazing & supportive family, marvelously fun friends, and not to mention never ending issues whether its the simple one till the complicated one. To combine it all, I think thats what make it special.

Aaa I super miss my family! I bet they miss me so much too XD can't wait to huggie back them.
what a post. lets call it a day. :)