Sunday, February 26, 2012

Paradise Island.

as everyone know, february is a month of love, affection, and chocolate. I'm so excited tho i'm still single hahaha ;p i mean, who doesn't feel the excitement of Valentine day? okay, so my twitter and BBM friends constantly asking me why i rarely update my blog. i'm gonna answer it here, so its not that i do not want to update or busy ( just so you know people, i'm doing nothing here or lets say i'm rotten here!! hahaha ) its just my internet connection in my home just wont cooperate with me. if it does, its just freaking slowwwww like turtle! by the way, anyway, blah blah.

Precisely, a week ago I went to Bali with my sisters, brother in law & their friends. I had an awesome time. It's been a while and I'm missing Bali so much. Bali never fails to making me feel comfortable with its own nature, view and friendly environment n people! I'll let the pictures do talking!!

the comfy villa we living in for 1 week :)


I went to some places that I never been before and it was surprisingly breathtaking. By the way, I'm so feeling the pressure and stressed looking at my twin keeps getting slimmer and slimmer each day. And yes, I need to diet also! haha fighting Olen! and to sum it up, I just wanna say that Bali Rocks! Hopefully, I'll be able to visit you again on my short/summer holiday :)