Saturday, July 2, 2011

what is bulbo?

hello guys, again i'm back with no interesting post. I promise myself to have a good and fun post after my exam (: this is the very first of july and praying that this month would be good month for me (; and what is bulbo? bulbo is stand for bulletin board. if you have played friendster before, you know about this. i love to fulfill this to spend my time instead of studying for final exam. oh yeah FINAL EXAM MAN. i'm gonna die. btw i just knew my result for my Media Appreciation, well i satisfied of my work and i gotta do well on my final exam! back to bulbo, what's bulbo? lol omg gotta get kick from people. so, you'll be given out a lot questions and time to answer it. so this is it. take your time to fulfill yours too. :)

About someone:

1. what is the background of your phone wallpaper?

• Its a theme of gardenia party and bird LOL (:

2. who's the last person you text with?

• the apartment owner assistant

3. who's the last person you bbm with?

 Ganesha, my high school best mate!

4. who's the last person you called?

Mom. I miss her so much.

5. who's beside you right now? 

Oh, you wanna scared me now la huh? Fortunately, my twin is now sleeping beside me. :)

6. who's the person who just had their birthday recently?

My SIS friend. Happy birthday Sonia Chang. Her birthday is today, btw (:

7. who's the last person you talked with?

Adeline, my friendly chinese classmates and housemates. Lol

8. why should be her/him?

Because, she is a fun girl to talk to and we're quite connected.

9. if you have $100, who do you want to treat and why?

My best friends, Why? I don't know, I just want to spend my time together with them deeper hehe :)

10. who's from your friends that ever make you cry? 

December 2009 with my SIS mates at KLCC which consist of Jesselyn, Weini, Olla, Sherly, Yuli, Theofani, Leo, Alvin, Kevin, Ervandi, Jon, Calwin, Wendy, and Frans. Sorry if i missed someone. I cried because i have to separate with them. Haha :)

About You:

11. what are the habits of yours that people should imitate with?

• Singing in the toilet (lol, to release stress) it works tho for me. Hehe

12. if you want to pick's your nose, are you gonna tell people first?

OMO, whats with the question? Should I answer it? Lol well, i think no. Haha.

13. where did you usually throw your snot?

Haha ;) tissue. Lol.

14. what is your bad attitude?

Hmm, can't describe. Why? because its too many. :/ but if i pick one, it would be my emotion.

15. how's your fart sound like?
My God, another question that made me laugh. :) The answer is you know, i know la. Haha :)

16. what's the animals that describe you the most?

Monkey. energetic, prank, playful and very lazy. Haha

17. what are the instruments that you can play?

Organ, Piano, and Recorder. Haha. but I would love to try guitar. :)

18. how many times you usually take a shower /day?

2. Hehe

19. what are the things that you still keep till now? what is that, from who?

The massive doraemon doll that I got from my besties. You know who you are.

20. what are the things that you want right now?

Pray a good results for my exam. :)

About School:

21. where's your high school?

Tarakanita II Junior and Senior high school.

22. subjects that results best?

Indonesian language (Of course haha ;p), Geography, and History.

23. what you usually buy in canteen?

HUH! food la. Lol. Do I buy shoes there? Aha, just kidding.

24. how many money your mom give you that time?

Well, 20.000,- rupiah. Eh, thats a lot okay that time. ;p

25. have you ever been in relationship? with who?

Haha yes. Do I have to mention? Let me know my self and keep it as a secret. Ahaha :)

26. teacher you hate the most? why?

I got one. Actually not hate. Just don't like. Ahaha. She always scold me because I'm not good at draw a straight line

27. subject you that don't like?

FOREVER. MATH! Calculation. But I'm proud of myself of the fact that I can passed it with GAO GAO result! Haha. GAO GAO maksudnya pas pas an haha :)

28. who's your quirky friends? and why you find them quirky?

Hey, They are not quirky! They are just unique in their own way. :)

29. your crush that time?

Haha! Oh Gosh, My senior ;p

30. what you miss the most from high school?

Obviously my friends, canteen, togetherness, and theatre.

About him:

31. crush/boyfriend?

Haha can i say crush? ;)

32. who's his name? dare to tell?

Ahah, nope. It's too public la ;p

33. where do you know him?

Erh, quite long time already.

34. know his favorite food?

Yes, Like me. Pasta and stuff like that. ahahah.

35. what do you think he's doing right now?

36. why do you like him?

• He's unique for me.

37. when he looks cute?

• When I tease him and he got jealous. Haha :) 

38. songs to describe both of you?

Rhythm of love. CHEH! haha (: Eh and I just realized my songs Lol.

39. last time you saw him? and where?

Ah long time already din see him. but I talked to him in skype recently :)

40. where is your dream place with him?

Las Vegas. Hee

About anything:

41. what you wanted to do?


42. what country you hope to go?

Netherlands, Dubai, South Korea, Las Vegas.

43. things that you wanted to have and buy?

House. Hehe.

44. your dream job?
Artist! and become a cake expert. Yum!

45. favorite artist?

Ryan Reynolds, Darren Criss and Sandra Bullock. Too many. :) Can I mention Joseph Vincent too? Lol I love him. Check him out! Lol :)

46. if now you could meet anyone you want, who will you meet?

• G-Dragon, please. Lol, he's a genius!

47. first person you follow on twitter?

Hehe I just checked and It's Lianna Wijaya. Haha :)

48. your favorite things that gone?

My favorite top :( Gone because of the laundry people dunno put it where :'(

49. things that you quite know most?

I dun understand this question. Lol :P 

50. what do you think about this bulletin board?

Hey, bul-bo you're success making me sleepy. And yeah gonna hit my bed right now. So, cao :D