Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a whole new world.

hey hey, its been ages since i didn't blogging. i could say for the sake of assignments and the upcoming final exam that enable me to post something here. I'm totally stressed up with the projects that pilling up. Have to finish up the two 2.5k words essay that due in the same day for next week, followed by group presentation econs and psychology, final proposal presentation, speaking exam, listening exam, and last but not least final exam! What a hectic month. Speaking of june, i can't wait for my birthday. mm hmm :)

today has been an emotional day for my classmates, especially for tutorial group II. Mr winston told us to came up with a song that has impact to our life. I desperately blank -.- and couldn't think of any songs. All peoples had done a really great job. Situation start to turn emotional when Ryan stood up in front. well, I guess this has been a learning experiences and i love how my teacher came up with an idea like this. getting know well to each other, appreciate ; loving each other made me hard to leave this 'small' family on July :'(

Me and my twins took this pic when we waited for our sister to arrived at sunway. Just call this as ' Hairband day ' cos we use and wear lots of different hairbands. well our narcism just out tat time :')