Wednesday, May 18, 2011

and when I'm fall in love :')

i think i'm falling for you? i'm asking this questions a lot quite of time :) let you know, falling in love has its own special way. sometimes you just justify with it and u state those standards and all those goes with it but still very indefinite. you just know that you're in love. loves moves in a mysterious way and only two hearts can define it. now if i happen to fall in love with you right now, just please don't ask me why.

There are too much moments we've been through. would I forget about it? no and i will never will. those memorable days would just made my days once i thinking about it.

i miss everything. i miss those times when u waking me up with those sweet little messages that makes me smile in the morning. i miss those small conversations. i miss the time you always encouraging me in everything i do, well you still now. i miss your care. i miss your smile, and i literally miss you. wish you here :')

somewhere in between those thoughts i feel happy. i don't even understand. somethings just really get me speechless, clueless, sleepless but things as such give me great feeling to be happy about you and this life. i love being mysterious and i love the fact you do too. it keeps me wondering and keep me finding out. i just think everything about you is very addictive.

I just can't stop thinking about you. Day by day im just wondering what are you doing there, and all the question that i usually ask you. Do you feel that too? the thing that i only know, you're residing on my mind already. yeah, you own it.

It’s like getting used to the excruciating pain and dealing with it is easier because I tend not to feel anything at all. I have felt it million times before and now as it is just around the corner again, I am so used to it.

when we first meet, i had no idea you would be so much important to me. i like you, a lot. like a lot, a lot haha :) and now all I need is someone who will listen without judging me. Someone who will let me know that what I am doing is right, wrong, enough, or too much. Someone who will give me that assurance that I am not alone in this world. Someone who will prove to me that life is worth living after all. That someone who will truly care, understand and will surely ride with all the pieces of drama in me but will still accept me, love me unconditionally.

sometimes i talk and ask to myself and just thread all the thoughts my mind picks. One way or the other, I always end up thinking where did I go wrong, what happened, will it ever be the same again? am i wrong to loving you? or are you wrong to choose me out of other beautiful girls who loves you better.

the feeling i feel about you right now is called a little crush that grow into something more. i just feel that. you can make me smile, cry in front of you cos i rarely cried in front of many people that i'm not close with. you know when i'm sad, you always cheering me up. you make me comfortable when i'm with you. everything that i never expected of you that could have done all of it.

being forever alone is an option. it's not a destiny either fate where wheels just turned one moment and you're there. sometimes you just have to find it in your own way. seek that heart and fits your heart. or maybe just wait and pray, they always go together. and one day you will just realize that ONE PERSON is just right in front of your eyes :)

i think that if life separates us and we end up in totally different places. i'll always remember our paths aligned for this period of time ; and i'll be thankful of that, and hope that wherever you are, you'll be thankful for that too. iloveyou and missyousomuchrighthere :)

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  1. This is a very creative post! XoP


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