Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Red is unique. Red is sexy, and red was beautiful that night. ♥


Hey hey! It's been a long time since I did not blog. I'm on my holiday rite now. I should be enjoy - ing my 2 weeks holiday! Next Monday, I should going back again to MY and start my semester II. kinda lazy yet excited to start the new subject :P

I just can't wait to graduate fast and leaving Malaysia soon! Yay! :D Get really bored already with Malaysian situation but the friends are super awesome ;)

Around 2 months ago, My sister has officially married with her husband. Super awesomeness time that time. Both of family members looked very happy. I love you sister, wish you a great life ahead! :) xoxo. Let's let the power of pictures do the speech!

Photography by : Edward Suhadi

this could be a tumblr pictures! don't ya think? :)

looked at his cheeks! so cute rite?

the beautiful and handsome bride.

the theme is SHANGHAI.

I was wearing dress designed by Hian Tjen
see his other collection @ here!
he is super friendly.

that's all for today post!
I hope you enjoy!
so till next time!

the last but not least!
Please be a nice, happy, and memorable month for me <3

P.S : thanks guys for the comment! I will reply now! :)