Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What? What and What.

Hello readers. Im back again. I told to you rite that I will more often updating my blog :D oh well, I feel so relieved today that I finished all the presentation. All presentations are quite good ^0^
And for the Halloween post, I haven't got the pics from Irene, so yeah it's postpone k.

For Human Comm, my group got 7.7 % out of 9 % which is very good :D. For Mass comm, we still don't know cos today we just presented. For English plays, we did a good job also. We did the stories about animal farm. Have no idea about it? I will post up some pics :D

My group (left to right)
Joe Vin - Kye - Hansel - Sheila - Aaron - Chloe - Me - Olla - Aubrey - and Evon :D

its Joe Vin as Mr. Jones :D

The cow and The dogs :D
( Yea, i know the ears looks like cat rite)

She is a cat.
Oops, no she is a dog :P
My twins did the same character as me :D

I took this :)

Aaron did for us make up :D thank you.

HEHE sheila n aaron :)

Racky, Maykay, and the 2 doggies.

Thanks to someone who took it :)

Well, that's about my plays. How do you think? I miss theatre so much :( what I miss more? THIS.

Astrid. Olla. Cicil. and me with cacat's face.
Ero took this pic when we arrived at Malay see a on the way to Taylor.
Ah miss that so much.

SIS open day'08.
left-right: Wendy. Ervandi. Kevin. Alvin. Me. Olla. Aziza. and Jesselyn.
m to the i to the s to the s.

crazehhh night ever!

last KLCC : )
tears tears tears*
(yiruma songs - background music :P)

im wondering where was weini :)


lagoon :)
fun big times x
keke. me. kevin. aziza. febri. olla. yuli. sherly. alvin. ajui. jon. frans. ervandi. and jc.
quite a big group huh? :)
Malaysian Independence day'09.
credit to dut.

( I miss this two bros so much)
i have no idea why my text become underlines -.-

My favorite picture of today :
(drumrolls JENGJENGJENG)
maaf agak sedikit lebay.

Olla. Kye. Maykay and Me
Adeline took this :D

WEE! credit to Kye ;)
i love this pics so much.

me n Kye :)

well, that's it for todays post. I am in the peak of happiness yet sadness cos first semester is coming to an end soon. 2 weeks more to exam. gotta study hard ):

and share a bit what's the meaning of love.
the words I love you.
means that I accept u for the person that u are, and that I do not wish any to change u into someone else.
It means I do not expect perfection from you, just as u do not expect it from me too.
It means that I will love u and stand by u even through the worst of times. It means loving u when u're in a bad mood or too tired to do the things i want to do.
It means loving you when you're down, not just when you're fun to be with.

Just so u know, I did not create this. I quoted it from my tumblr cos its so nice haha :D

Quote of the day:
Don't change yourself because of love. because of other people. because of compliments that people gives to you. Just be yourself and know that He is always be with you. - FGCC.

Life is about to move on? Yes I agree with that. but to looked back to the memories, it make me just wanna turn back and stop to the time where we have fun together - someone :D.

We shall not die cos of hunger, a cold, or maybe a hot but we shall die of having lived.

till next time.
ke de babayy :D