Saturday, September 11, 2010

we are so in love with white.

sorry for my long last absence =P
last saturday (HEY. count yourself, coz i also don't know exactly what date =p) me and my best friends had a really awesome fun time =). we did some catch up, coz it was the last day before i go back to Jakarta for Hari Raya holidays. so sweet of them made me some farewell =P. there are 8 of us which contain me, my twin, Aziza, Weini, Frans, Calwin, Jon, and Wendy.

As usual, we met at pyramid cos it's our daily place =P and we met the boys in front of the redbox and decided to karaoke ing together. Super Cool wendy brought his DSLR
camera, so i'm not gonna miss the chance. I click clack every-time and everywhere! =D Though it's not a good shot, but I took a lot of good thing =P.

i love her her :)

olla n frans :)

so sad, can't join this photo! :'(
ps: i'm the one who took the pic =P haha!

the GIRLS :D

they were singing like crazy! ._. but that's what explain the whole post today =P

this is CUTE! :D

and, don't ever forget! group photos =P

oh and we actually realized that mostly of us were wearing black and white
so thoughtful =P except Jon! HAHAHAHA.

right after redbox :) we decided to play billiard. actually, i wanted to show off my skills but i pull my words coz aziza n wendy played so good oops VERY GOOD =P HAHA.

though i looked SO UGLY in this pic, but oh wells the most important is togetherness

me n weini :)

both of them played so cool =D

i think, this pic is cool
likey! =D

that's for today post.
TODAY'S QUOTE: meet and catch up with your friends, and you'll end up like me :D
with love, Olen!