Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 18th birthday! Thank You : )


HEY HEY! I'm turned one :) Yippie Kaye.

My birthday was really a blast. I celebrate it with my family in Kiyadon, Emporium Pluit. We ate sushi there! I love sushi yum yum! I bet you guys do, too!

Not only celebrated with my lovely family. I was very surprised that there's someone sang happy birthday to me n Olla. I thought maybe it was a waiter who sang it for us, so I was just continuing eating my sushi. Once I see, there were my friends. ARRGHH I've got nothing to say. I smiled and Directly I stood up and meet them.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! ^_______^

Eby, Cindy, Jessyln, Nathasia, and Verdiana.
I'm really happy - and I know I'm one of lucky person in the world!


There you go! xoxo

: ) thanks! thanks! thanks! xixixi

We both love doraemooonn! :) hihi
Btw, love all the wishes :)
thanks for my bro! =)

Alex bro - Sis - Olla - Me - Bee
love them so much! much!
glad to hv them x

Us with the 3 cute kiddoss!!
left to right : Eric - Olla - Theo - Me - Freya
dontcha think they were cutee?:)

turning a year older is very special for me
I'd just quoted my self that:
" my life after this will never be the same
as what i go through
i'm ready of what will come next and i'll carry on "


toodles readers! iloveyouguys.

thank you for all your birthday wishes. it's really a lovely birthday indeed.

- O -